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My Clay work

I play with clay to form abstract, organic pieces which are inspired from shapes and textures of pieces unearthed from excavations of old civilisations.

Indus Ladies

My approach to these sculptural forms tend to highlight the linearity of the female forms with the use of coarse textures that contrast with smooth glazes. Simulating terracotta colours on the skin to juxtapose with the minimal colours of the fabric, thus resulting in unexpected finishing effects from the firing.


Other ceramic and sculptural pieces  – I find that working with oxides, greens and blues give me a great sense of staying connected to the earth and water and my works emerge as grounded and minimal pieces that meld with nature. Groggy surfaces that contrast with smooth and crackle glazes.

Sculptural birds  above

I have my workshop in my home and fire the pieces in an electric kiln. The clay used is usually rough and groggy.

Samples of some of my work…..


This terracota platter below has an organic form, with elements of the earth embedded. Using various slips, oxides and layers of different clays, the end product is always a waiting game! Two top left pictures are unfired, and the right and 2 below are the fired pieces

I called this piece – ‘The healing earth‘ – note the cracks!

Working on this ‘diva’ –  will use oxides to give it a good rustic texture…

                      watch the space!!


Hey, the DIVA is looking up!! – With a generous coating of oxides, I managed to give her a weathered antique look. . Various names were suggested for her, so I am going to call her a multi – named DIVA! 

With textures and tones, just like MATA -Mother Earth,  she poses to look up and bring HOPE, her wide arms offering SHAKTI (inner strength) and not to forget her VENUS like body!

”Love the colouring and roughness of the two colours. She really looks like an archiac earth mother found in some cave” – Beatrice Hoffman (sculptor in Oxfordshire)

Love the colours and textures” Diva indeed – Kavitha Shivan of @avikadesigns

Due to the current crisis, Artweeks 2020 is cancelled. Some of my work is online on  website :

Instagram:  kashmiraskitchen