Cooking and pottery, anything in common? have a look!

My introduction to my cookery website mentions about being happy with myself and cooking being a meditative process. It is indeed, but when I am not cooking, I am often sitting in my conservatory, a makeshift workshop where my other meditational processes come alive using quite a contrasting different medium which is Clay!

The process of creating pottery pieces, sculptures using clay, glazes, oxides  is no different from creating culinary delights using blends of spices and other ingredients. Both need prep time,  a set of recipes, a vision, The outcome of both these processes can be either pleasantly surprising, as expected , or disappointing. Either way, if the process of creating your vision is what has made you happy, then you have achieved your ‘nirvana’ – the meditational process is over!

So, here besides sharing my travel and food stories, I would like to share my ‘pottery stories” in images.
let me know whether you see any connection between my two creations!


Ganesh – glazed on a plaque

KASHMIRA - WIN_20161208_104704

Mosaic Ganesh using rough clay


Finished product


Modern contemporary vases


Indian working women

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180222_103505

Contemporary sculptures

KASHMIRA - WIN_20170110_133901

All ready to be fired

KASHMIRA - WIN_20170421_182805

work in progress

KASHMIRA - WIN_20170610_115345

Moscaic bird bath – in progress

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180119_094919

Accentuating the curves – Ganesh

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180121_205127

Hide and seek between the clay and glaze

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180121_205106

Ganesh on a tile

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180121_205159

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180218_095735

glazed sculptures..

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180218_095757

experimenting with glazes and oxides

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180218_100341

KASHMIRA - WIN_20180222_103510

and the finale….