Tools of the trade

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 Tools of the trade

I would not call my cooking  a trade, but I do need tools and resources to make a happy home cooked Indian meal  -and that is  a 'Masala dabba'  as it is called, translated as a Spice box.

It isn't just a normal spice box, it is a box which has travelled across continents, gone through the ups and down of my cooking transitions - from a novice, to a phase when family meals were popular, to an experimental one and now an enjoyable phase of meditative cooking!

This Masala box is my emotional 'dowry' - given by my mum to me when I got married - an indirect message given to me  that this box could help win my husband's heart!!

Full of colourful and aromatic spices, it reminded me of my mum's kitchen and inspring me to cook the dishes she lovingly cooked for the family.

I gave one to my daughter when she got married.. would be interesting to know how she relates to her Masala box!

Contents of the Masala box: a must have for all Indian cooking:

Cumin Seeds - (Jeera)

Mustard Seeds (Rai)

Turmeric poweder (Haldi)

Chilli Poweder (Mirchi)

Cumin and Corriander Powder (Cumin and corriander powder)

Garam Masala