About me


I am Kashmira Patel, I am not a well known brand or a big name. I just happen to like to be happy within myself and see all around me happy – the former feeling having come just lately!

Enjoying what you do is easy to discover,  but why you enjoy what you do might need a bit of soul searching!  Here I am, blogging about what I enjoy – cooking, discovering different cuisines while travelling, also hoping to sharing some of my stories with you all. Cooking and creating delicious meals can be a meditative process – try it!

Indian cuisine is no rocket science anymore,  with all genres of chefs dabbling into the Indian spices, traveling to India and hosting cookery series,and  readymade sauces and pastes easily available, recipes like tikka masala, lamb Rogan josh are household names.

So my aim is get away from it all and introduce home cooked Indian regional recipes which I have grown up with, and which still fill up  millions of lunch boxes every day in India.

Vegetarian dishes do not have to be side dishes, with careful planning they can become your hearty, wholesome and a nutritious meal of the day.

I tend not to post recipes on my website, however if you wish to contact me for any recipes from my dishes shown in the gallery, or any other , please do so on kashmiraskitchen@outlook.com.

You will see my other travel photos and some blogs which relate to my experiences while traveling.

Lastly, whilst I use variety of spices to create art in my kitchen, I complement that by using clay and a palette of glazes to create ceramic pieces. My blog on ‘ cooking and pottery, anything in common? have a look!’ explains it all.

Enjoy the site and please do not forget to send me a feedback!