SHAKTI – The empowered

I realised that our minds can never be under ‘lockdown’ even during a physical lockdown. We may be restricted and limited to certain activities, but our minds work on a reverse mode. The mind seemingly goes rampant, searching for freedom and unlimited activity. In staying focused towards my vision, and being in the moment of activity during recent months, the creative flow I experienced has helped me move closer to my own self, seeing a mutual reflection of me in what I do, and absorbing the strengths from my creations.

Clay has been a medium of choice and expression for me. It’s where I totally immerse myself in transforming that lump of clay into a form and shape that I have been visualising. I know I cannot see the end result yet, but I can feel the figurine coming into form during the process of its creation, opening my mind as I fine-tune it through the act of sculpting.

‘SHAKTI’ meaning ‘divine strength’ is the end result of my immersion. With my visual imprint, and no end result in sight, I continued working step-by-step in creating her. The concave and the convex curves, uplifted stance, and extended arms looking upwards symbolise ‘Hope’ that transcends her reality. She has an inner strength that I wanted to bring to life.

My hours turned into days, and I felt totally immersed in this flow of creating her to the fullest. The clay, ‘Shakti’ and me became one, unified.

The textures and the tones complemented, and her weathered look showed signs of her resilience to overcome challenges.

Time seemed to disappear as she came to life so effortlessly, the hours and days I spent creating her, had revived my Shakti – my inner strength. I am blessed!

Happy that ‘Shakti’ has been selected for the ‘Flow’ exhibition by Modern Art Oxford. Exhibition online from Sept 4 2020.

More images while I was working on my creative flow….

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