Tribute to all needleworkers of the world

My connection with needle and thread may have started while I was just crawling! Youngest of the five, my mother at that stage had enough help from my elder siblings to look after me and embrace in her favourite pastime, embroidery. Looks like I have seen her with needle and thread since then and continued to see her and my other sisters till her last few years of her life.

The interest continued even though I could not pursue it, and as my travels took me to places, I  realised that needle and thread was not only confined to my mother’s living room.   There are countless women and communities across India and other continents who thrive on this passion, some in hope to continue the tradition, some to earn their living. I saw them, met them on the streets, in their homes, in markets, all enjoying their passion.

I had to pen this, mainly to pay a tribute to these countless women of the world and to my dear mother from whom my sisters have inherited the skill. I secretly believe I may have that hidden talent, just need to pick that needle!

The photos  will finish the story I have started. Here are women from different parts of India, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar. I intend to visit many more and record this intricate web between a piece of cloth, needle and thread. I feel there is a unique connection between all these industrious women and me.

Have you had any connection like this before?






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