Markets, markets here I come…

I love markets. Whenever I travel, whichever country I am in, first thing I look for is their local market

I have my memories of going to our local market in suburban mumbai (then Bombay). One of my friends from our apartment block used to go the local market daily to buy fresh vegetables for the next day. She went because because her mum was elderly and it was her responsibility. I quite liked the idea of having a ‘responsibility’! Reason being I was the youngest among five of us, and my mum or my eldest sister (ten years older than me) got to do such things. So I persuaded my mum and went with her and brought home some vegetables which I had haggled! My mum was happy.

Years fast forward and domesticated life in big cities lead me to visit supermarkets and I literally started dreaming of markets full of greens, piled up vegetables, shouting vendors and yearned to haggle with them. I mean, literally dreaming!!

It is funny how our native instincts stay buried in us, and I find myself haggling with vendors in the local market when I visit our small town of Anand, and suddenly realising the cost of those vegetables are only 20 p a kilo if I convert it into our currency here! and I feel shameful and get on with it.

On my recent visits to rural Thailand, Cambodia and most recent Burma, I soaked myself in the ‘markety’ atmosphere, watching every vendor and their buyers’ reactions, the variety of different local produce and at one moment, secretly hoped I could start haggling!!  Here are some pictures of those markets…

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