First blog post

SAM_4278After much deliberation and day dreaming, I have finally decided to pen (not quite, it is keyboarding!) anything and everything about my cooking, whether it is homely dinner for two, or cooking for friends, my grand children or my cooking demonstrations and courses.

Each one of the above cooking session is different in terms of menus, quantity and variety, but one element remains the same – my passion at that moment, and my frame of mind, which is usually on a plane level – I go on to a meditative mode, and don’t know why!

Other experiences I would like to share here, of course about food,  is when I   travel.

Local cuisines, markets and what and how people around the world eat is on my agenda when we plan a holiday, be it Scotland, or Cambodia!

So let me start with my photo diary, please do go on to it, and see for yourselves . Some of them have  stories behind, and some pictures reveal it all!  The above picture is when I took over a “tea stall” when travelling in Gujarat, India and the stall owner offered me a job!! He made fresh samosas for us while we wet around the Narmada dam. You can’t get fresher food than that. I have numerous stories like these, are you interested?, then do follow me, leave comments, suggestions and requests below.

Thank you and enjoy!!

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